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15 Tips on the London Lingo for Irish teachers moving to England!


15 Tips on the London Lingo for Irish teachers moving to England!

Posted by Karla Spinks in Blog 16 Dec 2017

15 Tips on the London Lingo for Irish teachers moving to England!

As a nation that describes Olympic success as ‘pulling like a dog’ we can’t really talk when it comes to slang. The whole lot of us are just like the O’Donovan brothers chatting to Marion Cotillard on Graham Norton’s coach; tourists smile fearfully not knowing what the hell we are on about.  But sure when has that ever stopped us commenting on everyone else?

This week we’re asking our Irish teachers who are working in England to rattle their brains, and come up with their ‘Top Tips’ on moving to London to teach.   In our first of three installments, we have their tips on ‘London Lingo’! We must admit, we did have a good old chuckle at them, and unfortunately had to sensor some, but we hope you enjoy them! Many thanks to Ms. Quilter, Ms. Spillane, Ms. McLean, and Mr. Quinlan for their input

So here’s our compilation of the essential ‘lingo’ that you need to familiarise yourself with when moving over to teach in London!

Innit bruv : Isn’t that right old chap!


Fam : You are part of my family


Sortit : I shall complete that task immediately Miss


He chaved my pencil : He stole my pencil miss


Sort yourself out : Cop yourself on


Naughty : Bold


Sharpener : Pencil Pointer


Trainers : Runners. If you say runners or the word togs you will be met with blank stares!


Bloody Hell : Ah Jaysus!


Register : Roll Call


“Oh my days” : “Oh my God!”


Period 1 :  First lesson of the day


Children will not know what a ‘copy’ is:  Their copies are called books and their books are called textbooks!


Cupboard :  Press


Pants : Underwear and not trousers. So when you tell a child to “tuck their shirt into their pants”, what they hear is that you want them to tuck their shirt into their underwear, so take care with that one!


Next week; Tips for when you start in a school and social tips for living in England!

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