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Five survival tips for NQTs

Posted by Amy Jones in Blog, Teaching Tips

Making the transition from student to NQT is a daunting prospect. Being faced with a room of screaming children for the first time can make you rethink entering the profession. But don’t worry, we spoke to a group of experts to find out how to make…

Teaching in the UK

Posted by Karla Spinks in Blog

“Once you contact KS the process seems a lot less daunting. A lot of the work is taken out of your hands. You do your online interview, write a few bits and supply them with the correct documentation, and they then take care of the rest….

The benefits of Teaching Business Studies in England!

Posted by Karla Spinks in Blog

“I know that I will return a better teacher with newfound subject knowledge, confidence and experience.”    -Paula Cash, Business & Geography Graduate, NUI Maynooth 2014   When I began my teacher training in September 2014 I was very aware of the situation for teachers in Ireland….

GAA in English schools? Hear about St. Pauls!

Posted by Karla Spinks in Blog

  KS Education Ireland are proud to represent some of the best schools in London. Working with the best means we’ll get what we want for you, our teachers. And what is that I hear you ask?  Most of all, it’s that you are supported in a school.  We…

Gearóid’s Leap Across the Pond!

Posted by Karla Spinks in Blog

“Hey guys! Is mise Gearóid.  I am an Irish Primary School teacher and I finished the Post Grad in St. Pat’s in 2010.  Before this, I had studied architecture, but really felt that teaching was my calling! Since qualifying in Ireland, the only dip that…