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Gearóid’s Leap Across the Pond!


Gearóid’s Leap Across the Pond!

Posted by Karla Spinks in Blog 04 Nov 2016

“Hey guys! Is mise Gearóid.  I am an Irish Primary School teacher and I finished the Post Grad in St. Pat’s in 2010.  Before this, I had studied architecture, but really felt that teaching was my calling!

Since qualifying in Ireland, the only dip that I managed to get done was in a Restricted Setting in Ireland. I moved from contract to contract, and became so frustrated with the whole lack of panel rights in Ireland, so I decided to go travelling for a year to review my options. I knew there were only two; Head to England and get my DIP, or move back to my previous career!

Face painting in the Amazon

While travelling in South America, I contacted Maeve at KS Education and my problems were solved! She managed to get me Skype interviews from the wilds of Peru and Colombia, one of which resulted in a job offer. Within days of my return to the Emerald Isle, I was headed to a school in High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire for my Induction. The school, hand picked by Maeve, was lovely. The staff are very friendly and really supportive of me doing my NQT year. I now have a lovely Year 3 class (second class) that I have made listen to Amhrán na bhFiann, watch a video explaining Gaelic football and say ‘Conas atá tú?’ at Register (Roll)!!!!

The NQT year will be hard work but it seems to be a lot more structured and supportive in the UK than at home. It seems more like what I’ve heard of the Droichead scheme than two random visits from the ‘Cigire’ boogie-man! The qualifications transfer easily too, so I’ll have no problem getting Panel Right unpon my return …if I return! We have had a few ‘Irish’ nights out in the area, and let’s just say, I’m never alone for someone to meet up with for a ‘pinteen’ !!

Really happy I made the decision to ‘take the leap’ across the pond. My school is lovely, and I’m only 20 minutes from the airport! Thanks KS Education for getting me what you promised! You are life savers!”


-Gearóid Mac Con Charraige, Longford

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