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The benefits of Teaching Business Studies in England!


The benefits of Teaching Business Studies in England!

Posted by Karla Spinks in Blog 23 Feb 2017

“I know that I will return a better teacher with newfound subject knowledge, confidence and experience.”   

-Paula Cash, Business & Geography Graduate, NUI Maynooth 2014


When I began my teacher training in September 2014 I was very aware of the situation for teachers in Ireland.   A lack of teaching jobs meant that many Irish teachers were forced to emigrate to the UK or Dubai, those two being the most popular destinations among young Irish teachers. I knew that this was a possibility for me. When September arrived I was still jobless. I was working day-by-day between five different secondary schools.  I knew I had had enough and I decided it was time to give England a try.

KS Education teachers visiting London

KS Education Ireland helped me secure a position in an Outstanding Catholic School before Christmas and I began teaching in All Hallows Catholic School in Surrey in January 2016. It was an extremely anxious time for me as many people warned me about how tough and draining it is. I soon realised that while that is true, it is also very rewarding and worthwhile. I teach Business Studies and I was very surprised at the difference between the Irish and English curriculum.

Business Studies with KS Education

Business Studies in England encompasses other subjects and courses like Leisure Studies, Health and Social Care, Economics and BTEC Business (project based, like LCA or JCSP); all of which I never taught before. I spent many hours reading over past exam questions and textbooks to ensure I felt competent enough to teach the various subjects, particularly Economics where most of my time is spent planning. While learning these new subjects and courses have being time consuming and challenging, I have learned so much and I know it will give my cv a certain ‘edge’ when I return to Ireland!

The school I currently teach in is an Ofsted Outstanding School.  It has excellent facilities such as a swimming pool, basketball courts, a big green area where the students play cricket and football and a new sixth form building. The students themselves are very well behaved overall. For the most part they are polite, courteous and  eager to learn. I live in a town called Aldershot which is close to larger towns such as Guildford which is ideal for shopping and I am about an hour from London. I brought my car back with me in September which has enabled me to travel and see more of the surrounding areas.

It is extremely hard work and while I finish class at 3.15pm every day I usually would not leave the school until about 6pm due to planning and administration work. Putting that aside, I would highly recommend teaching in England. While I plan on returning home to Ireland in July 2017, I know that I will return a better teacher with newfound subject knowledge, confidence and experience.

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